PGS CONSTRUCTION LTD is a general contractor specializing in the construction of office, retail and commercial space. We have been involved in the commercial construction industry for 16 years.

PGS Construction was founded in 1993 with the mandate to contribute excellence to the commercial construction process. Our service begins with the early stages of the client's concept, and continues through to the timely and successful completion of the project. We apply sound management and communication systems to ensure compliance with client specifications and budgets.

We firmly believe in building an integral working relationship with our clients, PGS offers the following advantages:

  • Thorough research of code requirements prior to permit applications, preventing unforeseen delays;
  • Full working drawings and engineered designs by accomplished and respected architects and engineers;
  • Complete and comprehensive budget pricing, accurate to plus or minus 3%
  • The most accurate and detailed construction scheduling in the industry;
  • Highly qualified trade professionals who share PGS' commitment to honesty, integrity and craftsmanship
  • Start-to-finish client support by our entire team of professionals, ensuring value, quality and timely completion of your project
  • Five-million-dollar general liability insurance coverage.

How do we at PGS CONSTRUCTION Define Customer Service?
Our answer is simple….
We’re 3000 miles from Georgia”.


Simply stated …. We believe in meeting and exceeding our client's expectations to the very best of our abilities. (Even if this means going an extra mile or two.) Recently our client's move in date was being jeopardized by a carpet delivery date. All freight options could not guarantee delivery in under 7 days which was the time frame we required. Exhausting all alternatives the PGS team stretched that mile or two into 3013 miles to be exact. Two PGS Management Team members flew from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, Georgia and picked up an order of Custom Made Carpet Tile. They drove back to Surrey by out running a tornado, dealing with a blown tire that took 8 hours to repair and through 120mph windstorms. They met very interesting people along the way and picked up a Southern Accent. While being mesmerized by white lines the road maps say they visited 13 States Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington before reaching the Canada/USA border. Needless to say, the carpet was installed and the project completed successfully.

55 ½ hours of driving time = 3013 miles = 4,650 km = A VERY HAPPY CLIENT

So….. how do we at PGS CONSTRUCTION Define Customer Service?
Our answer is simple….
We’re 3000 miles from Georgia