Through out the years we have encouraged and stressed the importance of team spirit within the company and through out the workplace. In 1999 we began our "PGS enduro". We invited teams from a variety of backgrounds in the construction industry, from tradespersons to property management companies and valued clients. Each team consisted of approx. 3-5 participants for a total of 14 teams, 60+ participants all trying to be immortalized on the prestigious PGS cup. Because of all the enthusiasm and success we created in the first year, we are now entering into our 4th annual PGS enduro.

In 2002 and 2003 we also provided sponsorship to the “TAZ RACING” team. Although the team did not participate for the full season they did however show impressive results in Monroe Washington coming away with a 4th place finish out of 28 entries. In Agasiz for 4 races entered out of a possible 22 ,the team placed 13th in total point standings out of 24 racers.


In 2004 our Corporate Sponsorship grew to include the #21 Chevy Monte Carlo owned by Angus Racing. The 355 high compression engine puts out approx. 530-550 horsepower. The port city chassis was crafted and assembled by Angus Racing. The 21 car presently races in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge.

In addition, our Corporate Sponsorship in conjunction with Angus Racing is providing prizes and cash incentives for many drivers at various venues in Canada and the USA.